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Passalacqua revives the Italian tradition of villeggiatura. As much a state of mind as a vacation, la villeggiatura was an annual ritual for Italian families, an eagerly anticipated seasonal move from city house to country abode. It brought more than a change of scenery. It was an opportunity to recharge the body, enrich the soul and expand the mind.


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At Passalacqua, the day belongs to you. Rise early, sleep in. Embrace the Italian art of dolce far niente: curl up with a book, feel the breeze on your skin and distant sounds of water, voices, rustling leaves. Be active: treat yourself to a massage, learn to make pasta, skim across the lake in a vintage motor launch. Live, love, taste, explore. Your vacation. Your rules.

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A new morning dawns, alive with promise. Will it be yoga beneath the magnolias, a dip in the pool, a game of bocce? Will you be regaled by buongiornos as you stroll through Moltrasio’s ancient lanes? Will a turn in the herb garden act as the fragrant prelude to a simple, perfect light lunch?

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Sunset gilds the mountains. Candles flicker in the warm breeze. Soft voices, aperitifs on the terrace, an impromptu concert, the verve and brio of a classic Italian movie in the garden, a loving glance, the scent of jasmine. At Passalacqua, every evening is enchanted. This is villeggiatura – renewed, reinvented.

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