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Azzurra Primavera Sfoglia Di Patate


Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Pasta In The Making

In Italy, food is about much more than meals. That’s why Passalacqua has adopted a unique approach to dining, one that allows guests to embrace the country’s vibrant gastronomic culture just as they would if they were staying in the house of an Italian friend. For chef Viviana Varese, this is the true meaning of alta cucina di casa, or refined home cooking: not only preparing standout dishes but being there for you, every minute of the day, to delight, teach, comfort and amaze.

Passalacqua Restaurant Lake Como 20

So alongside romantic gourmet dinners, informal al fresco lunches and breezy light Italian plates in the oh-so-cute La Double J pool bar pavilion, you might find yourself caught up in an impromptu pasta-making session, which might evolve into a wine tasting, which might be interrupted by the arrival of the tartufaio with a box of truffles, and by the way, do you have any idea how well white truffles go with vanilla gelato? No? There’s only one way to find out…


Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Kitchen Breakfast Ruben Ortiz


Imagine family breakfast in a big Italian country house in summer. That great smell of coffee as you walk into the kitchen, mingling with the heady scent of a marmalade crostata emerging from the oven. A glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice, the wide-eyed flourish of a meter-high alzatina cake stand piled high with granita, cream-filled maritozzo buns, mini-pizzas. Plus, of course, a chef on hand to prepare whatever you fancy – like sunny-side-ups made from eggs laid by our hens that morning – and friendly waitstaff ready to accommodate you wherever you choose to enjoy your breakfast. Welcome to colazione, Passalacqua style.

Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Breakfast With View Azzurra Primavera
Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Colazione
Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Breakfast Table Azzurra Primavera
Passalacqua Restaurant Lake Como Restaurant Terrace 2 Ruben Ortiz


That Caesar Salad at the Double J pool bar looks just great. But the restaurant terrace is so romantic and that Sauvignon Blanc the sommelier recommended yesterday was delicious. Perhaps, though, we should have a light lunch on the bar terrace, or inside the bar? They’re both such delightful hideaway spots. Or maybe we could take a chic-nic hamper on a boat? Then again, right here in the garden is so beautiful. Do you think they could maybe just set up a table for two? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

PAS Varese Pacchero
Ruben23 Pizza
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In northern Italy, the pre-dinner aperitivo is a ritual, one that is celebrated as warmly and passionately in the villas and cafés of Lake Como as it is in the historic bars of Turin and Milan. Negroni, spritz, dry Martini or champagne? Nestled in the delightfully cultured, old-school bar, down by the pool, or outside on the terrace? Why not try all three, evening after evening? (Or if you’re feeling adventurous, all in one evening?).

Bar Detail Stefan Giftthaler
Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Aperitivo 2
Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Aperitivo
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As the sun sets behind Moltrasio, pearls of light begin to garland the far shore, and the clink and chime of glasses and voices rise on the breeze. Dinner on the candlit terrace, or in the Sala Ovale beneath frescoed gods and goddesses, is dedicated to beautifully-presented fresh, seasonal, classic Italian cuisine, and to you.

Restaurant In The Sala Ovale Enrico Costantini
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