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Tortello Preparation 2 © Ruben Ortiz


Just like its English equivalent ‘taste’, the Italian term ‘gusto’ packs a double meaning. It is cultured discernment, that effortless instinct for placing the right chair, or word, or color, in just the right place. It is also one of our five senses – more than any other, that which brings us such pleasure at the dinner table.


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Breakfast Kitchen © Ricky Monti
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Passalacqua’s world of design endeavors to combine discernment with delight. So too does its world of food, fine wine and cocktails. The key to the mix is simply stated: respect for good, fresh, seasonal ingredients, respect for time-honored recipes and traditions, and a belief in the richness of simplicity.

Amberjack Carpaccio With Celery And Lake Fish Bottarga © Ricky Monti
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Once upon a time, noble Italian families would travel from city house to country retreat with their own chef di casa – one who was trained in the art of culinary excellence, but who also listened to those he served, got to know their tastes. Viviana Varese is our chef di casa.


Kitchen Detail Stefan Giftthaler
Bread In The Making Giada Mariani
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Passalacqua Hotel Lake Como Spaghetti

One of the small joys of country house life is wandering into the kitchen, helping yourself to a tempting snack, striking up a conversation, getting involved in the baking or the pasta-making. Passalacqua’s open kitchen is yours, to learn in and to linger in. So too is our snug and stylish bar, which celebrates northern Italy’s vibrant cocktail and aperitivo scene and the gentle art of conversation.

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