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Curated Discoveries: Lake Como's Seasons & Beyond

Discover the best experiences at our luxury Lake Como hotel, from stunning natural beauty to exclusive local events. Explore our curated articles to make the most of your stay.

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When spring distributes its gifts…

Lake Como always seems to get more than its fair share, from the first heady blooms of March, through April’s Easter treats and traditions, to warm May days when summer seems just a breath away. With its charmed microclimate and its fresh new take on the great lakeside villas’ vocation for hospitality, Passalacqua is the perfect setting for a spring awakening.

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Embrace Easter at Passalacqua

Passalacqua has opened its doors on a lake clothed in fresh spring colors and a season full of promise. We’re already busy planning our homage to the warm, joyful, convivial spirit of la Pasqua italiana with a series of activities that begin on the first day of April and culminate on Easter Monday. Meanwhile, the chef and kitchen team are cooking up an exclusive Easter menu that aims to showcase the best of Italy’s seasonal treats.

Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como 00 Lake And Boat Giumello

Discover Lake Como in Autumn & Winter

When the frenetic pace of summer slows, Italy shows its true colors. We turn our attention to quieter pursuits, pressing olives, bottling new wine and strolling through the autumn leaves . This is the best season for dolce far niente, and Passalacqua is the best place to indulge in that quintessentially Italian practice of sweet idleness.

Restaurant Gazebo Enrico Costantini

The Best Restaurants on Lake Como

Food is the love language of Italy. Our national pastime. And one of the highlights of a Lake Como vacation. If you are wondering where to eat on Lake Como, the sheer variety of dining options has something for everyone: Michelin-starred cuisine that celebrates long-standing tradition or creates new ones, cozy crotti serving local specialties and friendly neighborhood spots all about bringing people together around a well-laid table.

Join us on a journey of culinary exploration from one shore of the lake to the other and from hidden gems to bustling, buzzy hotspots – all on a quest for the best food on Lake Como.

Passalacqua Lake Como Ristorante

Wine Tasting on Lake Como

Wine, for most Italians, is considered the elixir or life. Just say the word “Vino” and it conjures up images from a celebratory bottle of prosecco popping its top to the rolling, vine-covered hills of Tuscany, from a vintage Barolo with its unmistakable aroma to Nonno’s homemade Chianti in a basket of straw.

At Passalacqua, we pride ourselves in a wine cellar of over 300 cleverly curated labels with all of the Italian superstars and French vintages you might expect and some surprises you might not, from kosher wines to Italy’s answer to Champagne, Franciacorta. Our sommelier loves hosting custom tastings for our guests, and with so many wine producers – yes, there are Lake Como wineries! – and wine lovers in and around the lake willing to share their expertise, you are never far from a spot to indulge your palate!

Come with us on a Lake Como wine tour and discover some of our favorite sipping spots.