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Passalacqua Room Suites Norma 4

Suite Norma
in the Villa with Lake View


Average size: 120 sqm | 1300 sqft
Occupancy: sleeps 2
Bed: king or twin
Bathroom: bath tub and walk-in shower
View: window on the lake
Interconnection: available on request

Walking the length of the enfilade of elegant, airy rooms that together make up this sumptuous suite, unparalleled vistas of the lake unfold, in a diorama of perfect natural beauty.

Passalacqua Rooms Suites Lake Como 186
Passalacqua Rooms Suites Lake Como 185
08 Suite Norma In The Villa With Lake View Living Room Enrico Costantini

Named after one of Passalacqua habitué Vincenzo Bellini’s most famous operas, Suite Norma, with its original parquet floors, high stuccoed ceilings and elegant corner-room salon, is a princely belvedere, a place of discernment and delight.

13 Suite Norma In The Villa With Lake View Bathroom Detail Stefan Giftthaler
11 Suite Norma In The Villa With Lake View Bathroom Ricky Monti
Passalacqua Room Suites Norma 2
Passalacqua Room Suites Norma 3
Sofa Detail Ricky Monti

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