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Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como 2


Many of the great Como villas stand in isolated lakeshore locations. Passalacqua is different. Embraced by the houses of Moltrasio, it has always had an open and affectionate rapport with a historic town that was proudly independent for much of its history.

Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como 1818 Circa Cropped

Resulting from the enlargement of a property once owned by Pope Innocent XI, the Villa as we see it today was designed and built at the end of the 18th century by society architect Felice Soave for Count Andrea Lucini-Passalacqua, scion of one of Moltrasio’s leading noble families.

Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como Cessato Catasto 1890 1900
Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como 1941 Moltrasiovecchia Cartolina Cropped

A magnificent music room – today brought back to vibrant life – formed the centerpiece of Soave’s grand neoclassical edifice. It was put to good use under Andrea’s heir, Count Alessandro, a passionate music lover who was also a friend and patron to composer Vincenzo Bellini. During a stay at the Villa in 1831, Bellini composed the opera La Sonnambula.

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Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como De Santis Family 1

Finally, in 2018, Villa Passalacqua was acquired by the De Santis family, Lake Como natives and owners of the celebrated Grand Hotel Tremezzo. After a major three-year restoration project, Passalacqua threw open its doors to the world in June 2022, relaunching and renewing its historic vocation for hospitality.

Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como 4
Passalacqua Luxury Hotel Lake Como 5

After the last Lucini-Passalacqua count died without an heir in 1890, the property changed hands several times. Its owners included an Estonian baroness with a passion for fast cars and a reclusive Hungarian anthropologist, while among the Villa’s illustrious visitors was British prime minister Winston Churchill.